Compliant onboarding made easy.

  • Company ownership documentation
  • Risk assessment
  • Personal identification documents
  • Secure, auditable and AML-compliant

Go from contact person to fully AML-compliant client relationship in minutes.

  • Get your client onboarded in minutes

    Our system automates as much as possible of your Anti Money Laundering-related work, so you can spend your time on billable work instead.

  • Company ownership documentation

    If your client is a company, get a handle on who the real owners of the company are using our company registry search.

  • Risk assessment

    Our system asks you the right questions, letting you make a well-informed risk assessment of your client.

  • Personal identification documents

    You click one button and lean back – our system takes care of guiding your client through sending you their personal identification documents through our end-to-end-encrypted document retrieval system.

  • Integrates with your existing systems

    Link directly to encrypted client relationship documentation within CLA Reply from your existing systems – or build a custom integration using our programmable APIs.

  • Auditable

    A complete record of your actions within the system prove that you have fulfilled your legal obligations using CLA Reply – which lets you sleep well at night and keeps auditors off your back.

  • Secure

    All sensitive information is encrypted in a way that only you can unlock it. In the improbable case our servers are compromised, your and your clients' information isn't.

  • Compliance through design

    Our team of legal professionals and engineers have designed a system that makes your company compliant with AML legislation by default.

  • Affordable and risk free

    10 DKK per client per month frees up your mind and lets you book more billable hours.
    Try it. First month is free, no credit card required.

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